2017 Most Popular Online RPGs

Popular online RPGs at a glance

Have you ever played video games online? If no, then you are not alone. However, never shall you worry, maybe the reason why you have not played online is that you were unfamiliar with some of the best and popular games available online. Well, the truth of the matter is that there are tons of online games currently in the market, most of which fall into a genre called role-playing games (often abbreviated as RPGs).

Most Popular Online RPGs

Over the past ten years, there is has been a great revolution in this genre, and tens of hundreds of incredible. Innovative, entertaining, and memorable games have been released for your selection. With the vast number of such games, it can be hard to choose the one that fits your needs best, but we have made things simpler by unveiling a list of the best and the most popular online video RPGs for 2017. Have a look at the below:

1. Xenoblade Chronicles

If you have ever played online RPGs, then there is no doubt that you have played this game. It is one of the most popular online video game in the entire genre. It is not without reason that the above game is called ‘a hell of a game;’ it is visually beautiful to play and features some fantastic cut scenes. The fighting sequences are fun as well as in-depth and challenging. At the start, a player will be presented with hundreds of missions to do, which takes well over 100 hours to complete. The mission of the player is simple and straightforward, just eliminates all the monsters that threaten them and their land. A player needs to fight fearlessly to complete all the rounds if he/she wants to emerge the winner.

Xenoblade Chronicles

2. Dark Souls

If you are looking for the most frustrating game to complete in the world, then Dark souls must be the one. In fact, it is considered as one of the hardest RPGs ever to beat. Its popularity has risen just because of that trait!

In most cases, after playing it, a player feels like he/she is dying more than living. Once you start playing, then be informed that you cannot stop. Indeed, people have been playing it continuously for more than 48 hours! Well, it is all about ‘keep going’ to see the kind of trouble in the next world as the game takes place in the underworld. Players come face to face with different types of scary demons and monsters. The game tests strategic abilities, concentration, and of course, the patience of a player. As the name suggest, the game features dark, mysterious world, and once you dive in your head, you will perhaps suffer consequences. Overall, it is an entertaining game to play.

Dark Souls

3. World of Warcraft

Our list of the most popular RPGs is never complete without mentioned World of Warcraft, often referred to as WOW. The popularity of the above game continues to grow exponentially as thousands and millions of play people meet online to play it across the world on a daily basis. It is the best choice if you want to play online with your friends. The funniest part of this game is when players are seen kicking opponents’ asses, and this seems to be one of the greatest wins for WOW.

The combat functions are easy and fun to use. At the start, you need to create multiple players and start building up different characters. One of the exciting features of the above game is that no bad guy is waiting for you at the end, it is only you and your friends kicking one another. Besides that, WOW has no end, which means you can play forever!

World of Warcraft

Prominent 2017 online RPGs in summary

RPGs are fun and incredibly entertaining video games to play online. With the above selection, you will have the best moments ever. Nonetheless, if you want more of this, then check out other popular RPGs such as Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Final Fantasy XII, and The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings.

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