2017 Three Popular Free Online RPGs

A preview at free online RPGs

It is true that the experience derived from playing online RPGs is hilarious and fun. However, you might not be able to achieve the said experience because most of these games are available on a premium basis. In other words, players have to shell out some cash for a subscription, either monthly or yearly.It might not be the best news for people who love playing these games, especially if they cannot afford to pay the fee. Nonetheless, not all is lost since there are some popular online RPGs that you can play free.

Three Popular Free Online RPGs 2

If you did not know, then sit down, relax, and read on this blog to make a kill of choice! Have a look!

1. Runescape

If you want to play RPGs online without paying even a single dime, then consider having fun with Runescape. It is one of the most games in the genre due to its simplicity, clean, quick, and easy to play. The above is a game that runs in most PCs web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE 11, and Safari. Although the original version has been improved and more features added, the gameplay looks more similar. If you need to get started on this game, you are advised to visit the main Runescape website and begin the battle online.


2. Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is another popular online RPG video game that is often played by millions of players across the world for free. It is the perfect choice for players who want to take on a full RPG; however, they do not have enough computing power. Indeed, the above is a 2D half RPG and half-bullet hell shooter online video game. The gameplay in this game feature the top-tier quests as well as daily challenges that offer players tons of content to display their characters. Besides that, the game has straight-up pay to win play mechanics. In other words, from level to another, a player has the option of buying some of the powerful weapons, gear, game spells, and cosmetic items, which cannot be obtained by fighting the dungeons on their own. Just like many other online games, you need to visit their website to start demonstrating fighting skills.

Realm of the Mad God

3. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is perhaps one of the most popular online RPGs selections for diehards and rookies alike. This alone explains why the above online video game is trending on the market today, but you need to know that it is available for play for free. Although when it was launched, critics deemed as Gauntlet imitator, today, the title has a storyline, play-style, and universe of its own. When playing this game, expect to meet many Dragons and Dungeons in a mixed fast-paced mechanics as well as an action-oriented gameplay that will keep you engaged throughout every step of the fight. It is worth nothing that the slightest step in the wrong direction will certainly mean death. As earlier mentioned, this game is played free of charge on both consoles and PC.


To sum up…

Gone are days when you were denied the privilege to enjoy and fun with some of the most popular online RPGs. Nowadays, with your PC or smartphone, you can have the glory of playing classic online role-playing games from the convenience of your living room without paying even a single dime. For more consideration, you can also try a shot on popular free RPGs such as Star of Wars: The Old Republic and Path of Exile.

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