Exemplary RPGs for PC in 2017

A preview at PC’s best RPGs

Many believe that online role-playing games or RPGs is the cornerstone of PC gaming. Long before real-time strategy or shooters, the earliest developers of PC games brought the fantastic idea of building sprawling adventures filled with wizards, orcs, and foul dungeons. Despite the fact that the game aspects these games might seem old school, unbelievably, they have become so popular nowadays. So you’re there with your PC and wondering which popular online PRGs game you will play?

Playing online on PC

Nowadays, there are tens and hundreds of such games available online, although some require a subscription fee, most of them are free. Nonetheless, all of them emphasize story, where players have an obligation to take the role of customizable character through inventory, skill points, and dialogue decisions. So, which is the most popular RPGs for PC in 2017? Take a look at the below list!

1. Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is one of the popular and modern online role-playing video game for Windows PC. If you have ever played RPGs like the Icewind Dale and Torment, then you do not need any further explanation of how the game is excellent. Nonetheless, as the game starts, the character of a player gains some special abilities that give him/her the powers to see other people’s memories and souls from past lives. The primary role of a player is to use this power to defeat the soul-stealing cultists. If you like a long-playing game, then the above is your game as it takes over 70 hours to complete.

Pillars of Eternity

2. UnderRail

UnderRail is one of the latest RPGs released for PC. Despite being an infant in the industry, it has sourced a name for itself, and it is now one of the famous online role-playing video game. As we all know, there have been many other games that claim to have followed the formula of the original Fallout games, but the truth of the matter is that there is no better claim to the fame other than the UnderRail. Typically, this game features turn-based combat strategies that provide for different battle styles and player’s/character’s abilities, and skills can be adjusted as the game progresses. Unlike other turn-based combat featuring games, UndeRail adds a twist of its own; it has a giant metro environment, crafting, and psionics as important aspects of the game.

Underrail online RPGs

3. Darkest Dungeon

If you like modern RPGs for PC, then Darkest Dungeon is a game to try a shot on. It combines turn-based tactical squad combat, gothic-inspired visuals, and novel twist to produce a fun game to be played for hours and hours without an end! At the start of the game, players choose to among one of the four heroes who is going to battle both diseases and monsters in the dark dungeons. There are also other enemies in the battle, perhaps the worst of all, and it is the inner demons. Play the game online on your Window computer and experience what we have just talked about!

Darkest Dungeon

On the whole;

After working for long in the office, it is now time to turn your PC into a battlefield and refresh your mind playing online RPGs. The selection unveiled above are the most popular, but there are other best games to consider looking at, and it includes games such as Banner Sage II, The Age of Decadence, Victor Vran, Serpent in the Staglands, and much more. Overall, PC RPGs offer provides an entertaining gaming experience like no other!

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