Five Celebrated RPGs for Kids in 2017

A scan at Kid’s famous RPGs

Nowadays, in this digital era, many children spend hours and hours in front of mobile devices or computer screens. Whereas most parents would think that their kids are doing homework or learning something educational, there are high chances that these kids are playing online games. If that is the case, then parents need to ensure that whatever they are playing is safe and has some educational value.

Online RPGs for kids

Typically, most children do like playing online role-playing video games. As a parent, do you know anything concerning these games? Most of the games falling in this genre are designed for adults, but there are some few that meant for kids. These games comply with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (often abbreviated as COPPA). If you are looking for the most popular online PRGs for kids, then we have made your work easier; have a look at the following:

1. Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus is one of the most popular and most played online role-playing video game. It is a game designed for kids aging between three and ten. Upon boarding the bus, its wheels can take you anywhere. Players are required to select different field trips before boarding the Magic School Bus. As you play, expect to meet Ms. Frizzle, whose primary mission is to explore the space, human body, the rainforest, the deep sea, and other scientific adventures.

School bus

2. Funbrain

Funbrain is an educational online role-playing game site for adults and children alike, but more suitable for kids. The game features reading and math games as well as the perennial Mad Libs with various arcades. The site also features comic and books, including popular stories.

3. PBS Kids Game

If you are looking for popular educational role-playing video games for kids, then PBS Kids Game is the best choice. Although there’s a free version of the game, the premium version exists as well, and the later has better gaming experience. Nonetheless, both versions have an incredible gameplay featuring The Great Shapes as well as Migration Adventure. The game prepares kids for school.

PBS Kids Game

4. Poptropica

Poptropica is perhaps one of the most popular online RPGs for kids for all-time. It is a game designed for players aging between six and fifteen. When playing, players travel to different islands in their bid to complete quests, missions, read comics, play games, as well as communicate and compete safely with other players. Each island has its challenges and themes. If you are lucky to complete one of twenty islands, you will earn medallions and credits. The credits earned can be spent in the Poptropica store to buy costumes and other valuable others for the avatar.

5. Club Penguin

Club Penguin is another incredible popular online role-playing video game for kids aging between six and fourteen. In this game, players are required to use cartoon penguin avatars to explore imaginary worlds. In their exploration quests, players earn coins, which can be spent to acquire items from the site’s virtual store.

Club Penguin

And now, the blog’s summary…

Proper entertainment with educational value is paramount for child development, and with the above selection, nothing is going to go wrong. Other popular online RPGs for kids in the store include Neopets, NASA Kids’ Club, and Free Rice. All of these games will instill good morals besides sharpening the brain of a kid.

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