Four Outstanding RPGs For Xbox 360

A swift look at RPGs for Xbox-360

In our previous posts, we covered blogs on the popular role-playing games for PCs as well as mobile device. Nonetheless, as another era in online gaming winds down, we found it fun to consider looking at RPGs that graced Xbox 360 platform. Indeed, in the world of RPGs, there are games for all playable platforms, and Xbox 360 has a reasonable number of games of as well. Therefore, if this has been your concern, then worry no more as we unveil a list of four of the popular online role-playing video games for Xbox 360 in 2017. Have a look!

1. Borderlands II

Borderlands II is one of the most popular RPGs in the genre playable across an Xbox 360. The game features an open world shooter experience. Despite the fact that shooting is not great, but the process of building a character in the game is outstanding. In this game, a lot of looting is taking place, and wealth from this loot keeps you playing for hours and hours. This is because you never know if the next item box or enemy might drop some awesome new treasures. It is a game for five characters going through bumps of obstacles from level to another.

Borderlands II

2. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

There is no doubt that the Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the best and popular online combat system of any RPGs on Xbox 360. If you have watched lots of anime movies, then you will know what to expect from the above game; its characters and story are heavily anime influenced. The gameplay in this RPGs is outstanding, and the graphics are excellent. You will require dozens of hours to explore the amazing content and extra dungeons of the Star Ocean: The Lost Hope game.

Star Ocean-The Last Hope

3. Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia is a gorgeous, popular RPGs exclusive to Xbox 360. It has been designed with an excellent battle system featuring some of the latest music, making it the modern game of this generation. The cast of the characters is memorable and fantastic while the story in the game is great. The game features ingenious hooks that keep players interested for another long play-through.

Tales of Vesperia

4. Mass Effect II

The list of the popular RPGs for Xbox 360 currently available in the market will be incomplete without mentioning the Mass Effect II. It is one of the games in the Mass Effect series, but out all the games in the series, it is the best. The game is all about sci-fic romp around the galaxy with the intention of saving the human race from the extinction. Indeed, the galaxy is filled with plenty of potentials and choices to make. The excellent music and great graphics have continued to attract thousands of millions Xbox 360 players across the world.

Mass Effect II

And now, in summary…

With incredible and popular RPGs like the ones mentioned above, it is time say good-bye to lazy Sunday afternoon. Undoubtedly, these games are hilarious and the great source of fun for Xbox 360 users. If you need more selection, you can consider trying your hands on Fallout III, Lost Odyssey, Nier, and Dark Souls.

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