Four RPGs For Adults In 2017

RPS for adults in a minute!

In our previous post, we talked more about popular RPGs for kids, but does it mean we don’t have a selection for adults? Well, there are tons of such games in the market that help people escape from the dreary world and make them live in a fantasy universe. Some of these games are ideal for taking a break from long working hours in an office. So, the question is: are there awesome online role-playing video games for adults? If this has been your concern, read on to explore the popular online RPGs games for adults.

Adults online RPGs

1. Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons (also known as DDO) is one of the most popular online role-playing video games for both men and women alike. The game takes place in a story setting popularly known as Eberron. In the magic scene of sorcery and sword, players playing the above game will meet plenty of threats emanating from invaders and monsters. Besides constant invasions, factions and noble houses engage in political struggles for nothing less than power. It is not only the familiar races like dwarves and elves to mysterious new entities like quori and warforged, but players will also as well as find DDO is a world of adventure, danger, and action.

Dungeons & Dragons

2. Perfect World

The Perfect World is another popular adult online RPGs. It is widely known for its depth gameplay and story. The story in this game is more like a modern epic featuring three races (Winged Elf, Untamed, and Human). As a player, you need to set aside their differences and try to unite them to stop the spread of corruption, preserve their way of life, and more importantly, defend the Perfect World. Despite the fact that the game offers plenty of character customizations, it also allows players to create new characters.

Perfect World

3. Allods Online

If you have been playing online RPGs for quite some time, it is more probable that you have heard or even played Allods Online. It is one of the most popular games in the Allods series. The above game is set in the mystical islands of Allods thought to be floating on Astral. Typically, an Astral is an unstable substance that leads to the death of thousands and millions of its inhabitants. Therefore, as you play this game, bear in mind that dead can fall on your neck any time, so you need to be smarter. With magical portals and creatures, Allods Online lies between fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Allods Online

4. Warrior Epic

Warrior Epic is another popular RPGs set in a vibrant fantasy world. It is an action-packed adventure game that players (considered as an army of warriors) into the battlefield or the wilderness on a quest to recover ancient artifacts. Besides that, the mission of the players is to thrive off the barbaric tribes of the warmongers of antiquity.

Warrior Epic

Adult’s Online RPGs in a nutshell

The list of the popular online role-playing video games for adults is just endless. However, the above are just but a few. Indeed, most games in this genre are designed for adults simply because role-playing games are more of horror and bloody experience. Other games you can consider playing include Heroes of the Sky, PlaneShift, and Runes of Magic.

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