Three Outstanding Online RPGs For iPhone

Overview into online RPGs for iPhone

Role playing games, popularly known as RPGs, allow players to immerse themselves in character and move through the story of that person. In the recent past, Dungeons and Dragon players have been playing these games online on their PCs and consoles. However, nowadays, the same experience has been shifted to a mobile device. If you an iPhone user, then you have something to smile about! The good news is that there’re tons of online role-playing video games playable on iPhones.

Online RPGs playable on iPhone devicesMost of the popular RPGs for iPhone combine your imagination with interesting stories and some fantastical graphics that spans the universe. Due to the massive number of such games, finding the perfect RPGs can be a daunting task, but we have made things simpler by enlisting three of the most popular role-playing video games for iPhones. Have a look!

1. 7 Mages

7 Mages is perhaps one of the most popular games in the entire genre playable across iOS devices. It is one of those games that take equal inspiration from Kurosawa’s 7 Samurai and classic RPGs. The above game casts players/participants as the ostensible seven experts gathered together to protect the island of Roven from attack by many its enemies. Overall, much of the gameplay in this game looks like the recent Legend of Grimrock as well as Westwood classic of yore, but with the addition of some incredible mechanics such as rich magic system and detailed turn-based combat. Play this game anytime for free on iTunes.

7 Mages

2. Titan Quest

DotEmu is the designer behind the great success of action-packed classic RPGs games, and one of their online video game, Titan Quest is available to iOS devices. The gameplay of this game takes the formula similar to the one pioneered by Diablo, and it requires players to fight their way through monsters out of Asian, Egyptian, and Greek mythology. Nonetheless, there are no monetization strategies in this game, and players need to be ready for a long fight, well over 60 hours!

Titan Quest

3. Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III is one of the popular RPGs and the latest edition in the famous Square Enix series. It is thought that the above game has given the series a vibrant and complete revolution. Currently, you can experience the satisfying crunchy combat as well as progression mechanics live on your iPhone. The gameplay takes players to the floating continent of New Paleo, where explorers gather in a quest of monsters, mutants, and mysteries on the planet. In general, the above game is an upgrade from the previous version with an addition of a third party member as well as a new progression system of craftable Genes that provide characters/players with special attack elements and abilities. To play this game anywhere anytime, you need to visit iTunes.

Chaos Rings III

And now, to sup up…

The list of some of the most popular and best online role-playing video games is just endless. However, those mentioned above are just but a few. For iPhones users who would like to explore many other games, there can consider trying their shot on RPGs for iPhone such as Galactic Keep, King of Dragon Pass, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions, Severed, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, and Knights of Pen & Paper 2.

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